Our lenses suit your needs

Although every optic has its design challenges, we proudly can state that we are one of the largest player in the world supplying optical lens solutions for prism cameras. As prism technology needs specific lenses due to the differences in optical path due to the prism, we create specific prism qualified lenses.

Uniqueness of bluevision lenses

  • Specific designed to consider overall optical characteristics including prism such as longitudinal chromatic aberration and lateral chromatic aberration
    Extended spectral sensitivity in NIR (Near Infrared) and SWIR range
  • Maximum Aperture for series is F2.8
  • High resolution for 2.7 micron pixel size
  • SWIR Spectroscopic applications expanded to SWIR therefor our lenses support 900nm to 1800 nm wavelength for all types line scan/ area scan sensors.

Lens mounting

M52 mount suitable for Factory Automation applications for higher durability point of view. (F mount version is also available however we recommend M52 at the location where it is measured more than 3G vibration )

Extending the use of our lenses we deployed those lenses to C-mount type using M52 mount to C mount conversion kits. They can be used for 1/3” or 1/2" 3CCD/CMOS cameras or single chip SWIR cameras respectively.


Worldwide we have delivered over 20.000 pcs.

SWIR Lens Lineup.jpg